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As innovative solutions in the life sciences are becoming ever more complex and costly, scientists from more and more fields have to work together on developing new state-of-the-art technologies and on discovering new areas of application. Also more than ever, direct contact to potential customers and cooperation partners from industry and academia is essential.


Starting as a strategic workshop for the Center for Life Science Automation the Forum has developed to one of the top meetings dealing with laboratory and Life Science Automation. Held alternatively in Germany and the US it became an important and most valuable platform to present current research results and discuss future developments. Both, academics and industry profit from the synergy effects emerging from Forum LSA.


As a premier international meeting point the International Forum "Life Science Automation" is bringing together science and industry and offers insights into the latest results and developments as well as providing the opportunity to identify emerging trends and requirements. The forum has annually a different perspective, focussing on actual trends and developments.


Current questions concern such fields as the development of automated systems for high performance analytics which are capable of ensuring a sufficient supply of cells for extensive biological screening procedures. Moreover, increasing miniaturisation is creating demands not only for smaller and smaller batch volumes but also the ability to precisely perform quantitative analyses. The overriding condition which determines the development of new solutions is at all times the ability to combine scientific knowledge with the expertise of automation engineering. An increase in the degree of automation results in changes to the nature and content of the necessary work activities. Comprehension of the changes in informatory-mental, emotional, and physical stress factors is an important step towards defining an ergonomic design for highly automated, complex systems and work processes.


These and other questions will be central to the discussions at the 11th International Forum Life Science Automation in Rostock in September 2013.


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